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Polypropylene Corrugated

Polypropylene Corrugated

SeaCa Plastic Packaging produces a full range of fresh produce packaging for fruits and vegetables and the seafood industry. The corrugated plastic boxes are made from food contact grade Polypropylene which is waterproof and chemical resistant.

Choose corrugated plastic packaging when you need your packaging to withstand water, moisture, extreme temperature changes, or contamination.

Digitally Printed Juice Ends

Our brand new HP Latex R2000 is the latest addition to the machine lineup at SeaCa Plastics. It is a 98″ Digital printer that can print true picture level quality onto a plastic substrate. We felt the importance of this machine would be seen predominantly in the wine grape market. Plastic is a great solution from a packaging standpoint for wine grapes, and now we have the ability to print top-of-the-line picture quality with no color limitations.