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As a packaging company, we are doing our best to promote products that are sustainable and innovative to help solve critical issues we see within our industry. 


Where there is a vision there can be achievement.

The greatest strength our company can possess,

Is giving our customers the confidence in placing their business with us. 

Better packaging for a Better world

Closed Loop Collection

Our closed loop collection program partners with end user to collect baled polypropylene corrugated boxes to be reprocessed into post-consumer resin. This collection process is approved by the FDA and the resin generated is within our manufacturing specifications to maintain product quality.

CORR CYCLE High Level Diagram

CORR Cycle

Goal and Mission

  • Promote the circular economy and use Post-Consumer Materials
  • Partner with our supply chain of customers, end users and recyclers to form a community focused on accomplishing sustainability goals
  • Work with end consumers to economically collect and return used packaging
  • Work with advanced material reprocesses that allow collected material to be to recycled into a material that is suitable for our process
  • Commit to a remanufacturing process that can utilize all collected material by the end users into post-consumer material within the next 3 years
fda approved

FDA Approved

Reducing the packaging footprint is a goal only accomplished together. Join us in our mission to promote better packaging for a better world!

pdf icon transparent Life Cycle Assessment: Wax Corrugated compared to Polypropylene Corrugated

pdf icon transparent FDA Approval Letter

Recycling Statement in Accordance with Green Guide of FTC – This product is recyclable in certain communities that have appropriate recycling capabilities and institutions that are joined into our closed loop collection program. With any questions, please contact sustainability@seacapls.com.